Workers’ Educational Association – Loddon Branch

“Learning for Life”

The Worker’s Educational Association (WEA) was founded in 1903 to give new opportunities for working people to continue learning.

Today, it organises classes that are open to all adults: young, old, in work, at home, unemployed or retired.

It is a nationwide, voluntary educational charity with no party political or religious ties.

The WEA is represented locally by its Branches which provide courses of various kinds, supplementing but not competing with whatever is provided by local authorities.

The aim of the courses is to be friendly, informal and enjoyable, with expert tutors.

Loddon Branch

The Loddon Branch has been in existence for well over 20 years and concentrates its activities on providing two courses per year, in the Autumn and Spring terms.

Each course usually consists of 10 one-and-a-half-hour talks, given in the Jubilee Hall on Monday afternoons from 2 to 3.30pm.

Courses have covered such topics as Astronomy, Genealogy, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, the Coast of East Anglia, European Cityscapes, Railways of Norfolk, Antiques, History of Science, and Philosophy.

The talks are given by people who have an excellent knowledge of their subject, but the people who sign up for the courses are anything but expert for the most part and come out of interest, to learn something new.

There are usually between 18 and 28 students but there is room for plenty more!

Programme of talks

The talks this Autumn on “Philosophy for Now” covered many different aspects of the modern world such as freedom of speech, sex and gender issues, mobile phones,
alternative medicine etc.

The speaker, Susan Pine, explained the views of some modern philosophers and the relevant ideas of some philosophers from earlier centuries.

Three or four times during each talk, she would get the ‘class’ to discuss various points among themselves and then express their views, making for a lively and vocal atmosphere.

Spring talks – “A Good Day for a Fight”

A series of 10 talks about the American West in the 19th century.

Most of us will have seen Hollywood or Spaghetti Cowboy and Indian versions of how the West was won, but the talks, given by Dr. Mark Felton, will examine the true story, revealing the exploitation, massacre, theft and ecological vandalism that is too often ignored.
You will hear familiar names like Custer’s Last Stand, the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Wyatt Earp and Crazy Horse, but perhaps shorn of their mythical aura.

Dr. Felton has taken the title for his talks from one of the more than 20 books he has written, two of which are currently being made into
Hollywood films. He has also appeared on radio and television.

The talks begin on Monday January 14th 2019 in the Jubilee Hall, George Lane, Loddon, where there is ample free parking.
They continue until Monday 25th March, with a half-term break on February 18th.

The fee for the ten talks will be £55; if you are undecided, come to the first talk free of charge and pay only if you continue.
Fee remissions are available for those receiving certain State benefits. You may speak in confidence to the Treasurer, Elvie Herd.

You may enrol at the first talk on 14th January or you may enrol on line beforehand by going to ‘WEA Eastern Region courses’, quoting the title of the course in para. 2 above, and the reference number C2225832.
For further information, phone (01508) 521036 or 558453.