Loddon & District Women’s Institute


At our October meeting  members and friends from other local W.I groups heard a talk given by Barbara Miller on the subject of ‘A Bishop, a Quaker and a Roll of Wire Netting’.

The Bishop was Bishop Edward Stanley, Bishop of Norwich from 1837 to 1849, the Quaker was Joseph John Gurney, brother of Elizabeth Fry, and the wire netting referred to was part of the history and development of the manufacturing company, Boulton and Paul.  The way in which Barbara wove all three into her talk and her grasp and knowledge of the subject made for a most enjoyable evening. The time flew by and many of us wished that we’d been fortunate enough to have had a history teacher like Barbara!

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, October 16th, 7.15 for 7.30 p.m. at the Jubilee Hall, when Mr Robert Maidment will give a talk on ’Cambodia: the Forgotten Country’. Crafts from Cambodia will be on sale. New members always welcome.


Visitors are welcome anytime – we ask for a contribution of £4.00 to cover refreshments.  There is an annual membership fee of £41.00 if you join in January, which reduces to £30.75 to join in April, £20.50 for membership starting in July, and £10.25 for October – December.

We have a really interesting programme in place for 2019 covering a range of topics from stinging nettles to Lalique, and including a charity talk about ‘Cambodia – the Forgotten Country’.

Contact Us

You can email us at loddonwi@gmail.com

Our programme of talks for 2019 is set out below:

January 16th:        Elvie Herd – A Local History Talk

February 21st:       Sue Sursham – Talk and Photographs (Travel)

March 20th:           Maria Pennington – ‘Lalique’

April 17th:               Birthday meal out

May 15th:                 Francis Middleton –  ‘Clay, Cloth, Wood and Wool’

June 19th:               Fay Jones –  ‘The Wonderful World of Stinging Nettles’

July 17th:                 Georgette Vale – ‘Five o’clock Tea with Betsey’ (Talk/Demonstration)

August 21st:           Social Event (TBA)

September 18th:  Barbara Miller – ‘A Bishop, a Quaker and a roll of wire netting’

October 16th:        Robert Maidment – ‘Cambodia – The Forgotten Country’ (a charity talk)

November 20th:  Annual Meeting – Quiz night

December 18th:   Christmas Party


About the Group

Loddon W.I. was formed in 1930, making 2019 our 89th anniversary.
Those early monthly meetings were held in Loddon’s Lecture Hall on a Tuesday afternoon, when 65, or sometimes more, ladies attended and listened to an uplifting or instructive speaker.  This was followed, of course, by tea and cakes.

Over the years, unfortunately, our numbers dwindled, not because our speakers are any less interesting or our cakes less tasty, but many of the surrounding villages have set up their own W.I.s, and ladies have left to join their local group.

However, we have recently welcomed some new, younger members and at many of our meetings non-members, and even husbands, come along to join us as visitors.

We usually have a Trading Stall each month – a bit like a Bring and Buy, except the ‘bringer’ gets the money (with a small commission to W.I. Funds).  We also have a competition at most meetings.  Nothing too serious, but it gives our members to chance to show their various skills and imagination.
Several of our members play scrabble regularly, entering the Norfolk Federation Competition…and even coming runners-up one year!  And, yes, we use all the silly two letter words, but no proper names…yet.

If ladies would like to join us, either as prospective members, or visitors, just come along and say hello.

We start our meetings at 7.30pm by welcoming our speaker who will then entertain us for approximately 45 minutes to one hour.  We then have a cup of tea and a chat and complete the meeting with W.I. business.  Friends and visitors are welcome to join.