Fishing The Chet

Fishing is free at the Staithe, Pyes Mill and on the northern bank of the river opposite Pyes Mill up to Chedgrave Common.

Fishing is not permitted on Hardley Flood (private syndicate).

If you are 12 or over you must still, however, hold a rod licence in order to fish. Visit the Environment Agency web site for more details.

The fishing can be very variable due to tidal influence and boat traffic but good fish can be had, particularly at the staithe during the winter.

It’s well worth trying!

Fishing elswhere

There is a wealth of fishing to be had on the Broads and within the local area, both river and lake.

Rather than try and list them all here I recommend you take a look at the Broads Authority site – “Broads Authority” which may give some guidance.

Good fishing!