Holy Trinity Bellringers

Loddon Holy Trinity Bellringers are a very active group of enthusiastic ringers who hold a regular practice night every Tuesday evening from 7.30 until 9.00 pm.
We are lucky to have ringers of all abilities and regularly attract people from other local towers.
We are a teaching tower and have use of our own ringing simulator.
We also ring many Quarter Peals at Loddon and at surrounding churches, as we find this is the best way for our novice ringers to progress with the methods they are learning to ring.
We ring for Sunday service at Holy Trinity, which is normally from 10.00 until 10.45 am. Our Tower Captain is David Webb and one of our band, Katie Wright, is Chairwoman of the Eastern Branch of the Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers to which we belong.


Earliest records show bequests for a new bell in Loddon around 1461.
By 1552, the inventory made at the time shows four bells of unknown origin in the tower.
In 1617, a new treble bell was added to make a ring of five, and a year later the fourth bell was recast and rehung. The second bell was also recast in Ipswich in 1669.
The heaviest bell in the tower, believed to have weighed 16 cwt, was taken to a foundry in Norwich in 1680 and melted down to make two bells, which were then rehung in an extended wooden frame all for a fee of £6!
One of the bells was recast in 1731 and both bells recast again in 1752 and 1889. The bells were augmented to eight in 1853. The seventh bell was recast by the Whitechapel foundry in London in 1922.
The bells were removed in 2005 and after a complete overhaul were rehung in a new metal frame lower in the tower.
The Tenor bell weighs 10cwt and is in G.
At present we ring the bells from the ground floor, but we hope to re-install a ringing gallery in the future, removed by the Victorians.

Quarter Peals are rung most weeks at Holy Trinity and we have held the record of most Quarters rung in a Norfolk tower for the past ten years.
The 400th Quarter Peal since rehanging the bells in 2005 was rung during 2016.
In 2017 we installed a second training bell in the tower to compliment the one we already have. This enables us to ring a simulated Ten bell setup.
We have rung Quarter Peals of Plain Bob and Cambridge Royal as well as Stedman, Grandsire and Erin Caters.
The first recorded Peal rung on six bells at Loddon took place on 29th January 1818 and the first rung on eight was on 17th March 1855.
Peals are regularly rung at Holy Trinity. On December 30th 2014, 5040 Grandsire Triples was rung in 2 hours 49 minutes. It was the 100th recorded Peal to have been rung on the bells since 1818.
The most recent was rung on December 30th 2018. It was 5088 London Surprise Major in 2 hours 53 Minutes. First in method for five local ringers and the first of London to be rung on the bells.

Contact Details.    Tower Captain – David Webb  Tel – 01508  528468.

Tower Correspondent –  Stephen Rabong   Tel – 01508  528102.

Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers website – ndar.org.uk