Loddon and District Horticultural Society

We are Loddon and District Horticultural Society and this year we are in our 48th year.

Hornbeam Tree – October 2020

We have a Hornbeam Tree that was planted in Loddon Church yard on 14th December 2004 and every year we take a photo of it to keep up with it’s progress.

We have three mini-shows during the year for members and one Annual Show which is open to everybody.

In June we have an outing to a garden and in December we have our Christmas meal.






Our meetings are held in the Jubilee Hall Clubroom in Loddon from 7-30pm, and our Annual Open Show which is held on a Saturday in the main hall and starts at 8-30am.  Our plant sale is held at The Hollies, Loddon.

We are affiliated members of the Royal Horticultural Society.  We are also an affiliated Society with the Norfolk and Norwich Horticultural Society, so basically you have access to events of two societies within your membership.  We can attend their events at the same price as NNHS members.

Meetings and events programme 2021

Happy New year to all of our members and readers.  We hope to see you back at one of our meetings, just as soon as we are allowed to hold one.  If you are thinking of joining our Society then please take a look at the photos and reports below which will give you an indication of what we usually get up to when circumstance allow.

We are always pleased to welcome new members – at £10 per person per annum it really is a bargain!
If you have an interest in gardening, be it an expert or a complete novice do come and see us.

For more information contact Hazel Copland (Secretary) on email happyhaze50@gmail.com or Jean Cope (Chairman) on 01502-710024 or email jeancope52@gmail.com.   If you would like a copy of the Annual Open Show schedule contact Tricia Loades (Show-Secretary) on 01508-520273 or email patricialoades@btinternet.com.

During the summer Perennial, the Gardeners Charity, held an online competition called HortAid-20 to raise money for their charity.  Our member Tricia Loades placed three entries in to the “Healthiest Houseplant” category.  And she won with her Begonia “Kit Kat”!  Well done Tricia.  In fact she was told that her three entries were also in the top six.  It cost £5 to enter and you could have up to three entries into each class.  Tricia received a voucher from Suttons Seeds for £30 and a framed certificate.  Tricia also gets to meet one of the judges from the competition, but due to the current pandemic, this will not happen until way into the future.  She could meet either Lee Connelly – the “Skinny Jean Gardener” or Michael Perry – “Mr Plant Geek”.  Below are two photos.

Tricia Loades with her winning houseplant.

Healthiest Houseplant 2020 – Begonia “Kit Kat”.









Every year we dress a windowsill in Loddon Church as part of their Open House in December.  The theme for 2019 was “Everyone welcome – expect the unexpected”.  A bit of a hard theme to interpret, but Chairman Jean came up with a spaceship theme.  Tricia Loades arranged the foliage and Hazel Copland made some planets and an Alien from felt.  Photos are below.











We entered the Affiliated Societies classes at the Norfolk and Norwich Horticultural Society Late Autumn Show held at the Costessey Centre on 16th November 2019.  We came second in the two plates of five potatoes class and first in the three onions class.  See photos below.











At the Royal Norfolk Show in June the Norfolk and Norwich Horticultural Society hold their Annual Summer Show.  At this show in June 2019, Shirley Cross and Tricia Loades entered some classes and did rather well.  Shirley won in a Sweet Pea class and Tricia won with her bowl of roses in the roses section.  Tricia won a Bronze Medal from The Rose Society UK as well as The Chamberlin Challenge Cup, both for the best rose exhibit in the show.  See photos below.

Best Rose exhibit in the show

The Chamberlin Challenge Cup for the best rose exhibit in the show












Our Summer outing on June 19th 2019 was to Brick Kiln House, Shotesham.  We picked a very wet evening to visit the garden.  Some of us braved the weather and took umbrellas around the garden while others stayed in the dry in the conservatory.  We all enjoyed a lovely piece of homemade cake and cup to tea to round off the evening.  Photos are below from the evening.
















18th May 2019 was our annual plant sale that was held at The Hollies, Loddon.  We had many stalls and on sale were bedding plants as well as cuttings from the plants we had won at the Bressingham Pot Off in September 2018.  Members had taken plants home and divided them so we could make some money for our Society.  This was the idea of Adrian Bloom who hosted the Pot Off Competition at Bressingham Gardens.  While the plant sale was on we had been asked to tidy the gardens at the front of The Hollies. Photos of the plant sale are below.

Bressingham Pot Off plants.










Members hard at work on The Hollies garden.









For our Spring Mini-Show in April 2019, we had a change to the advertised judge.  Keith Todd was unable to attend so Brian Ellis and David King stepped into help us.  After they had judged the show they spoke to members and gave them tips on how to present exhibits in shows.  Our show attracted 83 entries in 23 classes, so our members did extremely well.  See photos below.

Brian and David judging our show with Shirley and Vanessa

Brian and David sharing tips with members on how to stage entries









On 31st March 2019 the Norfolk and Norwich Horticultural Society held their Spring Show at East Tuddenham.  Our Society entered the Affiliated Classes and won some prizes.  Tricia Loades and Shirley Cross also entered some classes and came away with some prizes too.  Tricia won the Mr S A Moorish Challenge Trophy for six cultivars of daffodils in class 55 and much to her surprise she also won the John McV. Anderson challenge cup for the best pot plant and the Gavin Brown challenge cup for the best alpine pot plant.  Both were won for the same exhibit.  Tricia also had a go in the Flower arranging and came third in the class entitled “Tulipmania”. See photos below.

Third in class AF1 for two cultivars of Daffodils, 3 stems in one vase.

Second in class AF2 for 3 Daffodils, 3 Tulips and 1 Alpine pot











Second prize for class AF5 for a bowl of flowers

Tricia receiving the Mr S A Morrish challenge trophy for her 6 Daffodils from Martyn Davey, Chairman of the NNHS












The Mr S A Morrish Challenge Trophy for 6 daffodils in class 55

Tricia’s Alpine pot that won the John McV. Anderson challenge cup for the best pot plant and the Gavin Brown Challenge Trophy for the best exhibit in the alpine section













At our February 2019 meeting we invited Maxine Tricker to talk on Willow Work.  Maxine showed us samples of her work and showed us how to make a garden obelisk.  Some of our members had a go at weaving the willow.  Below is our Treasurer Jonathan having a go.

Our Treasurer Jonathan having a go at weaving.














We hold three mini-shows during the year.  The Spring Mini Show, a Rose, Fuchsia and Sweet Pea Show and an Autumn Mini Show.  Below are some photos from the 2019 shows:-


Class for three onions

Chrysanthemum spray class

Cactus class








Flowering shrub class

Flowering plant class

Plate of soft fruit class







Tulip class

Vase of mixed flower class

Norfolk Stout cake class









We held our Annual Open Show in September 2019 at the Jubilee Hall, Loddon.  Winners of some of our trophies are:-

The Warman Cup for the most points gained throughout the show by a non-member went to Mr Chad Daniels.

The Clemence Cup for the most points in the Domestic section was won by Tricia Loades.

The Society Cup for the most points in the show – members only was won by Barbara Leathersich.

The Durrant Shield presented for the most points in the Children’s classes was won by Felicity Green.

The Malt Cup presented for the highest number of points gained in the three mini-shows was won by Tricia Loades.

Prize for the Young Gardeners for growing a vegetable were: 1st place – Joshua Dunning, 2nd place – Hugo Scott.

The Bernard Cross Trophy for the Challenge class to grow a Teddy Bear sunflower from seed – Jean Cope.

As follows are some photos from this Show:-

Winner of the Loddon & District Horticultural Society Trophy for the best vegetable exhibit, Loddon Garden &Seed Centre Trophy for the best tomato exhibit and Dickinson Trophy for the best exhibit in the flower and vegetable classes – Denise Potter.

Winner of the Jimmy Carr Plate for the best floral arrangement – Tricia Loades

Winner of the Thirtle and Harris Cup for the best floral exhibit and the Hoffman Cup for the best hanging basket (excluding fuchsias) – Barbara Leathersich with her hanging basket.












Winner of the Hutton Bowl for the best pot plant – Barbara Leathersich for her Busy Lizzie.

Winner of the Beauchamp House Shield for the best rose exhibit – Chad Daniels.

Winner of the Norman Carr Cup for the best Chrysanthemum exhibit – Andrew Kemp









Winner of the Green’s Trophy for the best fruit exhibit – Mim Clarke

Winner of the Warnes Cup for the best fuchsia hanging basket – Roy Cope

Winner of the Bob Dye Cup for the best dahlia exhibit – Josie Fillery












Winner of the Back Cup for the best six herbs – Sharon Yale

Winner of the Langley School trophy for the best creative entry in the children’s section – Rupert Green (age 3) for his leaf monster

Winner of the Peter Clarke Trophy for the heaviest onion – Chad Daniels











Winner of the Peter Hunt trophy for the heaviest potatoes 0- Roger Ellis

Winner of the Bernard Cross Trophy for the challenge class to grow a Teddy Bear sunflower from seed – Jean Cope

Winner of the W I Trophy with the theme of Musicals – Thurton, Ashby and District