The Loddon Town Estate Charity

 Charitable Trust

Registered numbers 209135 & 311205

Established 1877

 A brief history

Those of you who have read the Parish Council minutes in the library (and who hasn’t) will have come across the Loddon Charity.

Loddon, as a town, has for hundreds of years had an income from certain properties it owned, and in the past has contributed to the independence of the Parish from both the Church and manorial ties.

For instance, the school on Church Plain, now the library, was built partly with Town Estate’s income.

In 1877 the “Loddon Town Estate” seemed to be in some difficulty and an application to the Charity Commissioners was made to formulate a new scheme to administer the Estate.

The only remaining Trustee, the Rev John Denny Gilbert, of Chedgrave Manor was discharged and the vicar of Loddon, the Rev John Smith, two Churchwardens and two overseers of the Poor were appointed Trustees.

The meetings were held in the Town Hall and income at that time was £167/14/6d, a sum worth having in 1877!

The Trust’s income originally derived from the rents of Town Farm, two small meadows, two small areas of land in the “Gravel Pits”, the old engine house and Loddon Common.

The income was divided as follows: 3/7th for maintenance and repair of the Parish Church, 2/7th to the Parish for public works, 1/7th to the welfare of the deserving poor of Loddon and 1/7th for the education of their children.

The various parcels of land have been sold over the years – the income appears to have been less than the cost of maintaining the land.   Town Farm was sold in 1945 with the money invested to give the Charity its primary income.
The only property remaining today is Loddon Common – about 7 acres of marsh at the end of the lane to Heckingham Holes.

The Welfare fund was usually used to buy a sack of coal for the poor at Christmas time and the Education fund was used, until the Free School Act of 1893, to help pay the school fees of several poor children, subject to good conduct and a good attendance record.  Later, grants were made to help poor children stay at school beyond 12 years of age, or pay for books for pupil teachers.

The Trust today

In 2017 the Trustees updated the charity to ensure it continued to meet the needs of the community today.
The Education Trust had been a separate charity within the main charity but to make the administration easier the trustees amalgamated the Education Trust into the main charity.

With the kind agreement of Loddon Parish Council, who no longer take their 2/7th share, the income is divided as follows: 3/7th for maintenance and repair of the Parish Church, 4/7th to assist residents in Loddon with either Welfare or Educational grants.
The Trust is able to make small grants to residents in proven circumstances.

To enquire if the Charity can be of assistance please contact the Secretary, Ann Lumley,
The Trust has limited resources with which to pursue its aims and would be grateful for any assistance, donation, legacy, or preferably gift aid.
You can direct your contributions to the charity as a whole or specifically to the Education or Welfare fund.
If you feel you might be able to help please contact:

Secretary to Trustees
Ann Lumley
1 Harvey Green
NR14 6UB
01508 528141