Loddon Town Estate Trust

 Charitable Trust

Registered number. 209135

Established 1877

A fund with a long history of helping people in Loddon

About the Trust

What does the Trust do?

We can offer small grants to people who live in Loddon who are going through a difficult time in their lives.The Trust is made up of two strands, welfare and education.

Grants are made in proven circumstances, which means you must prove that you need help. However, we really want to help if we can!

Who can apply to the Trust?

The Trust is for anyone who lives in Loddon. But it’s not a very big Trust so we think carefully about how we spend the money.

If we offer a grant we usually ask you to contribute something towards your costs as well.

What might the Trust pay for?

Every application to the Trust is treated as individual. So if we offer a grant to you, it doesn’t mean we will automatically offer a grant for the same thing to someone else.

These are some of the things we might help to fund:

  • Household necessities such as a washing machine or cooker.
  • Disability aids.
  • Bathroom adaptations such as shower.
  • Equipment for educational activities.
  • Help to access education or training opportunities.

A Bit of History

Where did the Trust come from?

A Fund to help people in Loddon has existed since before 1877.

In those days there was no benefits system in Britain, and no money from the Government to provide education for children.
Often the Church or the Manor supported people in need, but an independent Fund was a valuable local asset.

At that time, the town of Loddon owned properties that gave it a large income to benefit both the church and the community.

It was able to fund the building of Loddon’s school (now the Library) on Church Plain.

In the 1860’s the Charity Commission was created, and in 1877 the Town Estate Trust became a registered charity.

Its income was £167/14/6d which was a lot of money then!

The income originally came from rents of Town Farm, two small meadows, two small areas of land in the Gravel Pits, the old engine house and Loddon Common.

Over the years most of these have been sold, and the Trust now only owns about seven acres of Loddon Common.

How was the income originally used?

The trust’s income was originally shared. Some went to the church for maintaining the church building, some went to the Parish to pay for public amenities and some was available for grants. These were either for welfare or education.

Back in 1877 this meant providing a sack of coal for poor people at Christmas or helping to pay school fees for families who could not afford them. Since then, many things have changed!

Joining the strands together.

In 2017 the Trustees updated the Loddon Town Estate Trust to make it more suitable for today’s needs.
It no longer has a large income, but recent donations have made it possible to make a number of small grants. Just over half the income is available to give away.

How to Apply.

How do you apply to the Trust?

To find out more about how the Loddon Town Estate Trust might help you, contact the Secretary:

Ann Lumley
1 Harvey Green
NR14 6UB
01508 528141

Please remember that we will need to ask some questions about what you can afford, and why you need a grant. We don’t have a big pot of money, so we must make sure we use it wisely.

Donations Welcome!

How to donate.

The Loddon Town Estate Trust exists to help people in Loddon. If you have money you would like to use to benefit this locality, we would be very pleased to receive it.

You might want to give a donation now (with the added bonus of Gift Aid if you are a taxpayer), or leave some money in your will?

You can contact the Trust via the Secretary (address above).