Warren Hills circular walks

Two circular walks south of Loddon

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The Main Walk described in this guide to the south of Loddon, covers approximately 7km (about 1.5 hours) but can be extended to 9km or shortened to 5km by taking the alternative routes.

Ordnance Survey LandrangerĀ© Sheet 134 (Norwich and The Broads) or ExplorerĀ© sheet OL40 (The Broads) cover this area.

Map references in the text are highlighted in red.

All the walks start from Church plain, in the centre of Loddon, where car parking (first two hours free) is available and a bus service stops nearby. (For timetable information click here).

Main Walk (7 kilometres – about 1.5 hours)

From Church Plain, (362 987) take the path across the churchyard. This is managed to encourage wildflowers. So far over 80 species have been recorded.

Pass the late 15th century Holy Trinity Church (a must to visit), and follow the metalled path to Mill Lane.

Cross Mill Lane into a path between two houses and go through the kissing gate into a meadow.

Cross the stile, go through the gate and turn right into a minor road (369 987).

Keep left at the road junction and, after 400m, turn right through the gate by two small oaks (376 986) and follow the cart track.

Continue straight ahead, crossing the A146 at Reads Cross (375 977), and where the road ends cross the stile onto Hales Green.
Note the interesting settlement pattern, with the farmhouse situated around the edge of the Common which is managed by traditional grazing methods.

Pass to the left of the cricket ground and continue along the gravel track across the green to Transport Lane (373 969).

Turn right across a cattle grid into Transport Lane, a minor road. Loddon Hall, a late Georgian House, is visible on the right.

Continue ahead to the Bungay Road (361 969), turn right then left and follow Pound Lane until it turns sharp left just before The Elms, a 17th century farmhouse and barn (357 972).

Turn right through the gate and follow the path across Stubbs Green.

Go through the gate at the north end, turn left and follow Green Lane past the Lodge, a late 18th century house.

Where the lane turns sharp left (356 978), continue ahead along a cart track, then turn right and follow the path along a field edge.

Cross the A146 and follow the path through the housing estate to where it widens into The Horsecroft (359 982).

Follow the path past Hobart High School to Kittens Lane. Turn right, then left past Loddon town sign and walk up the High Street to Church Plain.

Short Walk (4 kilometres – 1 hour)

Follow the Main Walk to Transport Lane (373 969).

After 400m turn off right through the hedge at the second public footpath sign (367 969).

Follow the path along the edge of the field, go through the gate into the lane, turn left and cross the stile, turn right and follow the path at the foot of the Warren Hills (a favourite winter sledging venue!).

Cross the A146 (366 978) to the railings and follow the path along the edge of the stream until you reach Beccles Road.

Turn left and walk along Beccles Road and into the High Street, past Loddon town sign and back to Church Plain.

Long Walk (7.5 kilometres – 2 hours)

Follow the Main Walk to Transport Lane (373 969) but continue straight ahead, heading south.

Where the track ends, continue across the green, then turn right along the track at the south end of the green (370 960).

Cross the cattle grid and follow the driveway between fences to Hales Court (Hales Hall Farm).
This early 16th century building and barn were once part of a large moated farmstead, now demolished, which stood further to the west on the site now covered with trees.

Turn right and follow the drive around the front of the Hall, then continue straight ahead until you reach a farm track (367 962).

Turn right and follow the track to Transport Lane. Turn left and rejoin the Main Walk.