Workers’ Educational Association – Loddon Branch

“Learning for Life”

The Worker’s Educational Association (WEA) was founded in 1903 to give new opportunities for working people to continue learning.

Today, it organises classes that are open to all adults: young, old, in work, at home, unemployed or retired.

It is a nationwide, voluntary educational charity with no party political or religious ties.

The WEA is represented locally by its Branches which provide courses of various kinds, supplementing but not competing with whatever is provided by local authorities.

The aim of the courses is to be friendly, informal and enjoyable, with expert tutors.

Loddon Branch

The Loddon Branch has been in existence for well over 20 years and concentrates its activities on providing two courses per year, in the Autumn and Spring terms.

Each course usually consists of 10 one-and-a-half-hour talks, given in the Jubilee Hall on Monday afternoons from 2 to 3.30pm.

Courses have covered such topics as Astronomy, Genealogy, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, the Coast of East Anglia, European Cityscapes, Railways of Norfolk, Antiques, History of Science, and Philosophy.

The talks are given by people who have an excellent knowledge of their subject, but the people who sign up for the courses are anything but expert for the most part and come out of interest, to learn something new.

There are usually between 18 and 28 students but there is room for plenty more!

Programme of talks

The decision has been taken by the WEA National Office that there are to be no face-to-face talks this Autumn in any of the branches.

A number of talks are nevertheless going to be given on line.

Anyone who is a member of the WEA will be able to sign up for any of these talks from July 13th (July 20th for non-members) but this will have to be on the initiative of the individual.

The local Loddon branch will not be involved in the on-line programme.
To find what is on offer, go on line to: WEA Eastern region, and then to the section labelled: Find a course.

If all goes well, the usual ten-week programme of face-to-face talks on Mondays in the Jubilee Hall will resume in January 2021.

It had been arranged for Mr. Stephen Poulter to come to Loddon this September to start a series of talks on “The History and Heritage of East Anglia”.
Our hope is that he will still be able to come here in January instead.
As the song says, however : “The future’s not ours to see”, but we hope for the best!

There will be another announcement in November or December.

Meanwhile – keep safe!

The Committee of the WEA Loddon Branch wish you all well.

For any further information, phone: (01508) 521036 or 558453.