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In February Sue Sursham took us to South Korea and Japan, as she shared in words and beautiful photographs her journey through those countries.  Sue gave us a fascinating and informative glimpse into a world and way of life very different from our own. We were amused by her description of the public toilets in Japan, but then shared in her emotional and upsetting experience in Hiroshima. The final slide Sue showed us – a view of Mount Fuji taken from the train as she began her homeward journey – was breathtakingly beautiful.

In March, Donna Hodds of Pretty Cactus will join us, and members will not only hear about the benefits of having cacti plants in the home, but will also have the opportunity to try their hand at macrame. Should prove interesting !


Visitors are welcome anytime – we ask for a contribution of £4.00 to cover refreshments.  There is an annual subscription fee of £43.00 if you join in January, which reduces to £32.25 if you join in April, £21.50 for membership starting in July, and £10.75 for October – December.

We have a really interesting programme in place for 2020, including the opportunity to learn about the history of macrame, its recent comeback and use in the home, with the opportunity to ‘have a go’; to find out what ‘Qigong’ is and its benefits; and to meet ‘Magnus’ …….

Our meetings are held in St John’s Chapel, George Lane, 7.15 pm  for 7.30 pm.

Contact Us

You can email us at loddonwi@gmail.com

Our programme of talks for 2020 is set out below:

January 15th:         Elvie Herd – A Local History Talk: Part 2

February 19th:       Sue Sursham – Talk and Photographs : Japan and South Korea

March 18th:            Donna Hodds –  Macrame and Cacti

April 15th:               90th Birthday Celebration

May 20th:                Deniz Paradot – Taiji Qigong

June 17th:               Stephanie Israel –  Dog Training with Magnus

July 15th:                Lynton Johnson – Flower Arranging Demonstration

August 19th            Social Event (TBA)

September 16th:     Frank Hume – Murder in the Family

October 21st:          Maria Pennington –  Diamonds

November 18th:     Junya Lewis – Spice up your Christmas followed by Annual Meeting

December 16th:     Christmas Party


About the Group

Loddon W.I. was formed in 1930, making 2020 our 90th anniversary.
Those early monthly meetings were held in Loddon’s Lecture Hall on a Tuesday afternoon, when 65, or sometimes more, ladies attended and listened to an uplifting or instructive speaker.  This was followed, of course, by tea and cakes.

Over the years, unfortunately, our numbers dwindled, not because our speakers are any less interesting or our cakes less tasty, but many of the surrounding villages have set up their own W.I.s, and ladies have left to join their local group.

However, we have recently welcomed some new, younger members and at many of our meetings non-members, and even husbands, come along to join us as visitors.

We usually have a Trading Stall each month – a bit like a Bring and Buy, except the ‘bringer’ gets the money (with a small commission to W.I. Funds).  We also have a competition at most meetings.  Nothing too serious, but it gives our members to chance to show their various skills and imagination.
Several of our members play scrabble regularly, entering the Norfolk Federation Competition…and even coming runners-up one year!  And, yes, we use all the silly two letter words, but no proper names…yet.

If ladies would like to join us, either as prospective members, or visitors, just come along and say hello.

We start our meetings at 7.30pm by welcoming our speaker who will then entertain us for approximately 45 minutes to one hour.  We then have a cup of tea and a chat and complete the meeting with W.I. business.  Friends and visitors are welcome to join.



This is the information from the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

Special Knitted Baby Hat Project – Thermal Care

  • This is part of the Thermal Care Bundle project
  • Liz, one of our midwives need 6,000 knitted hats (Sorry but not crochet hats)
  • This project is aimed at maintaining normothermia and prevention of hypothermia in our new-born babies.
  • We only want hats for this project in the following colours : RED, YELLOW or GREEN
  • Hats in Red/ Green and Yellow with a circumference of 13-16 inches (33-41cm) are needed
  • Hats in red and yellow hats for smaller babies, with an 11-inch circumference (28cm)

Please use normal yarn suitable for babies and any hat pattern. We do not have any specific pattern. Please send hats ASAP and it will be an ongoing project so the more hats the merrier!  This is separate to our normal hats for NICU or delivery suite.

Can you please mark them FAO Liz Lancashire, Practice Development Midwife, Room 30.3005, Level 3 West BlockThis is really important that they are FAO Liz but they can be dropped off at the main reception Level 1 West.

 Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Colney Lane,  NorwichNorfolk, NR4 7UY.

  • As you will see, there is no specific pattern given, so any pattern will do as long as the hats meet the measurement requirements.
  • However, here is a pattern that some of our members have used. It is for the smaller size. For the larger size you need to cast n 54 stitches.


Double knitting                

4mm needles

Cast on 48 stitches

Rib 6 rows (K1. P1)

One row plain, one row purl until work measures 4 inches

On next knit row decrease 24  (24 stitches)

Purl row

Next knit row decrease 12   (12 stitches)

Purl row

Next knit row decrease 6   (6 stitches)

Don’t cast off.

Finish off by threading yarn through remaining 6 stitches and join two side edges to form hat.